Things To Know When Dating An Asian Woman

Things To Know When Dating An Asian Woman

Dating an Asian is different from dating a Westener or any other culture. It’s like walking on different view of life somewhat unknown to you. Since Asians have their own traditions and cultures according to regions and countries, it is safe to know that not all Asians are the same. But majority, when it comes to dating, they have similarities. Here are some rules on how to date an Asian woman:

  1. Do not be afraid of chopsticks.

You may think Asians use chopsticks as their main utensils but this is not true at all. There are other Asian countries that are not skilled in using chopsticks and use spoon and fork instead. There are also others who use their hands as a way of eating. Do not be bothered about using chopsticks because there are so many ways how Asians are eating.

  1. Do not be shocked if an Asian knows how to speak English.

English is a language being taught to most of Asian countries, so do not be shocked if they speak the language. And do not laugh if their grammar is not fluent because English is not their mother tongue.

  1. Please learn their language.

Asians will be very impressed if you made an effort learning their language just like they exerting effort learning yours. A few lines like the translation of “I love you” to their language is already grand. Taking time learning their language is also a good way of showing that you are serious about the relationship.

  1. Know their family.

Most of Asian countries are family oriented and have big family members. It will be courteous if you visit and introduce yourself to the family. Once you do this it is sure that everyone will welcome you in the family and will treat you like their own.

  1. Eat their food.

Asians have different kinds of food and they are very proud of them. Dating with an Asian will not be complete without getting to try their delicacies and menus. This will be your way of accepting their culture.

  1. Asians are loving but sensitive.

Asians can be very cute, fragile-like, and very loving. Once they offer and accept your love, their devotion will be on to you. But, they can also be very sensitive because of the way they are being raised. You need to know that they are not used to being shouted on or humiliated. Most of the time they do not engaged to short-term relationship because they wanted long-lasting one. They have respect for the word love and relationship.

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